Five simple steps in which you can adopt AI-powered chatbot tech for your business

A London railway giant that assists its customers with travel-related information on departures and arrivals, delay in repay, ticket changes, seat reservations, and more, was facing problems with their customer support. They were a bit crunched on capacity. Their resources could serve only a limited number of customers at a singular point in time that had them missing out on opportunities. Also, the time they were taking in addressing each concern was turning out to be a significant bottleneck in their operational effectiveness.

We were able to provide them with a quick and cost-effective solution by integrating a channel-agnostic, AI-powered, English-speaking chatbot with their core system. It provided their users with 24/7 seamless customer support, without having the company to double their contact center operations.

Since the bot was designed as conversational and friendly and gave instant replies, the customers could find the cheapest tickets, find an upgrade to first class, reserve or refund their tickets, with little hassle and in no time. This solved a major consumer pain point and made travelling for Londoners a lot more fun.

At Enterprise Bot, we build cutting-edge chatbots that leveraging the power of AI, manifest brilliant intuitive and interactive capabilities as the face of your brand.

The chatbots are quick and simple to blend into existing contact centre operations through an easy-to-use and intuitive UI. Their next-gen technology is capable of large-scale automation with minimal training effort to empower the customer service team with high productivity.

By automating around 80% of customer queries that are predictable, transactional, and repetitive — that, with personalized responses to each one of them — our AI optimizes customer support efficiency while leading to at least a 15% increase in client satisfaction. It automatically engages users by proactively asking them the right questions to qualify leads and taking the necessary action to convert them, leading to a 25% proven boost to sales. You can also enable the bot to feed all the information into your CRM and capitalize on cross-sell opportunities.

How can you set it all up for your business

A typical project setup with Enterprise Bot for a chatbot comprises of 5 broad steps that are simple and quick to follow:

1. Select the skills for your bot

Select from thousands of pre-built skills and Intents or add your own skill in seconds in an intuitive UI.

2. Align it to your guidelines

Configure responses in tune with your corporate communication guidelines and customer expectations to ensure clear and consistent answers.

3. Integrate the bot

Benefit from deep integration capabilities that allow an interface to complex custom core systems, CRM, ITSM, RPA, and many more, to ensure that complex and personal user queries are fulfilled directly by the chatbot.

4. Customize the UI

Customize the look and feel of the chatbot to make it truly yours and structure the conversation in a friendly and highly flexible user interface with carousels, product images, weblinks, and other custom elements.

5. Go Live

Go live on your website, messaging platforms, mobile, or portal applications, even with different use cases, to deliver the right information on the right channel.

That’s it! No more manually replying to each and every customer inquiry. The bot is in action, processes are optimized, and your support agents can now use their time to engage in more higher-value conversations with customers and build superior customer experiences.

To discover how our chatbot was able to provide automation with over 85% accuracy of response to our London client, visit this page. This is our 4th post in a four-part series on AI-powered chatbots. To read the series from the beginning, go here.